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Urgent alert for all credit-card holders...

From: "The Motley Fool"
Date: 09/21/2013 12:00:AM

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To prevent this from getting swept up by overzealous email filters, add to your address book.

From the community of investors The Wall Street Journal praises for producing "exciting longer-term returns [that] beat out newfangled strategies" and The Economist hails as "an ethical oasis"

"... like buying Intel just before PC's started showing up in every home and office in America."

It's a bold claim. Made by a bold investor. About a company most people have never even heard of. But this is the same guy who led us to up-and-coming companies like...


AOL in 1994 — just before everyone and their mother started racing to get "online" and its stock shot up more than 10,000%...

check in 1997 — just before "e-commerce" became the buzzword of the decade and its shares began an 8,500% climb...


Priceline in 2004 — just before everyone started booking travel online and its share price rocketed up over 3,859%...

So you might want to at least get the full story — before this company's breakthrough technology makes its way into over 1.9 BILLION smart devices... brings down a $21.6 TRILLION industry... and hands early investors some truly legendary profits.

Dear Open Minded Investor,

What the financial media is saying about The Motley Fool:

"Solid information and advice for individual investors."
The Washington Post

"Humorous and savvy."
The Wall Street Journal

"Even billionaires get ideas from The Motley Fool."

"Amusing as well as educational."

"An ethical oasis."
The Economist

Whether you realize it or not, our day-to-day lives are about to drastically change...

Soon, we'll no longer need tickets to get into a ball game or board a plane. We won't use keys to unlock our cars, our offices, or even our front doors.

We won't be asked for our license and registration when we get pulled over, an ID when we go to the gym, or a passport when we cross the border.

Stores and restaurants will stop giving us printed receipts, and business cards will become a thing of the past.

We'll no longer use cash or credit cards to pay for our morning coffee, our bar tabs, or our groceries.

We won't feed coins into parking meters or vending machines. And before you know it, you won't even have to carry a wallet anymore.

That's because, thanks to a breakthrough technology called "Near Field Communication" (or just "NFC" for short) we'll soon be using our phones and tablets—or as everyone seems to call them these days, our "smart devices"—in place of all of the things I just mentioned...

And if one of the brightest, most successful stock-pickers I've ever met is right, this massive shift could hand well-positioned investors the kind of profits we haven't seen since the dot-com days.

Sound a bit far-fetched? I thought so, too. Until I read this...

According to Forrester Research and the United States Department of Commerce, less than 1% of all retail sales last year happened over mobile devices.

Now, I realize that might strike some as a mighty small number!

But before you dismiss it as a drop in the bucket, I urge you to carefully consider the following two extremely interesting facts.

  • That "drop in the bucket" figure actually represents a massive stream of dollars—$24.66 billion, to be exact. That means that even at this incredibly early stage, the amount of money people are spending over mobile devices exceeds the amount of money that Wal-Mart and Amazon earn in an entire year—COMBINED!
  • In 2009, North Americans spent a measly $750 million over their mobile devices. Compare that to nearly $25 billion, and what do you get? Hard evidence that over the course of just 3 years, consumers have become 32.9 times more to keep their debit and credit cards in their wallet, and pay with their smart device instead.

Keeping those two facts in mind, I think you’ll agree that getting in on a phenomenon that’s experiencing that kind of breakneck growth—while it still has over 99% of its addressable market left to cover—wouldn’t just be a good opportunity...

It would be the wealth-building opportunity of a lifetime.

I mean, just imagine being able to buy shares of Nokia when a mere 1% of the population was using cell phones... or Apple when only 1% of people had even heard of an "iPod"... or Intel when just under 1 in one 100 people were using a PC. Talk about getting in on the ground floor!

Well, today I'm going to introduce you to a very similar "ground floor" opportunity.

Meaning you can get in before the masses start driving the price through the roof.

Of course, if you're anything like me, you're probably a bit skeptical when it comes to new technologies... and you may be wondering if this one could really become as widely adopted as cell phones, iPods, and PCs ...

It's a fair question, and obviously there are no guarantees, but some of the most cutting-edge tech companies on the planet are certainly betting that it will...

But don’t just take my word for it...

Take a peek at US Patent #20130211971

Credit Card

For years, NFC naysayers have been chirping that "if Apple doesn't use it, it must not be important." That all changed on August 15. Now that Apple has started filing patents based exclusively on this revolutionary technology, even the most boneheaded pundits can't deny it: NFC is the wave of the future.

On August 15, 2013, a small group of American inventors sent a painstakingly researched patent application off to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The application itself—titled "Media Gifting Devices and Methods"—was over 41 pages of dry, complicated, esoteric mumbo-jumbo, submitted by a bunch of lab-coated brainiacs trying to make sure no one else steals their "next big thing" idea.

Frankly, it looked nearly identical to the hundreds of thousands of other patents the US PTO receives each and every year...

Except for a couple of crucial differences:

This particular patent was filed by employees of a little company called "Apple" ...

And when it was, it made a small group of in-the-know tech investors very, very happy.

Allow me to explain.

Since the first NFC-enabled phone was released in 2007, it’s been clear to the majority of the tech world that Near Field Communication is a cornerstone of a mobile payment future.

And considering that consumers around the world put $21.6 trillion on plastic each and every year, I’m sure you can understand why this technology has forward-thinking capitalists all hot and bothered.

After all, any time an industry that large is about to experience a major shift, investing in the technology behind that shift is a no-brainer.

That’s why one of the world’s most renowned stock-pickers has been making a tidy profit off one under-the-radar NFC stock since March of 2011!

So why hasn’t everyone and their grandmother piled in too?

Simple: because up until just this past August, Apple ignored NFC altogether—leaving airheaded industry commentators to speculate that Apple was coming up with "something better."

But now that August 15 has come and gone, anyone who’s looking can see the writing on the wall. After all, when was the last time you remember a technology being so advanced that even the brain trust at Apple couldn’t top it?

I think you'll agree that's quite an endorsement...

While Apple’s patent application is an excellent sign for NFC investors, it might not be enough for Apple. You see, while they were busy trying (and failing) to come up with their own solution, the rest of the tech world was getting busy hopping on the NFC bandwagon.

Credit Card

Analysts estimate NFC will make it into 1.95 BILLION smart devices like these over the next five years alone.

Take Google, which has already incorporated NFC into its hugely popular Nexus 4 phone, and announced that it plans to build NFC into dozens more Android-based smartphones in the near future.

And given that Google is making a major push into NFC, it probably comes as no surprise that Microsoft is planning to include it in the newest version of its operating system for smartphones — or that it now holds at least 14 patents referencing the technology.

It's also probably no surprise that rather than risk being left behind forever, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have started partnering with the likes of Samsung, AT&T, and Verizon to offer their own NFC-enabled devices.

Given the fact that its peers have already sold over 150 million NFC devices, it’s no wonder Apple is scrambling to catch up!

Of course, once you have a look at the numbers, it becomes pretty obvious why these tech heavyweights are all betting so much on the future of NFC...

According to The Wall Street Journal, $32 billion worth of purchases were made using mobile devices in 2010 alone. And if that doesn't surprise you, this certainly will...

An eye-opening new report from industry experts at I.E. Market  Research says that number could easily jump to $950 billion by 2015 — meaning we could see the value of this industry grow by nearly 30-fold over the course of a single five-year period!

And right there is your shot to make some serious money...

Exactly how much are we talking?

Well, let's put it this way... had you bought just $5,000 worth of Intel shortly after it unveiled the 386 processor and kick-started the PC revolution, by 1993, you'd have been sitting on over $33,500. Pretty impressive. But consider this...

Two years after that, it would have ballooned to $67,650. And over the next five years — as PCs started showing up in every last home, office, and school in America — the value of your investment would have grown to an amazing $609,900!

Granted, I can't guarantee that this investment will hand you profits quite that life-changing over the coming decade...

But I can tell you that Motley Fool Co-founder David Gardner — the same brilliant stock-picker who told investors to buy AOL in 1994, in 1997, and Priceline in 2004 — is convinced that the company I'm going to tell you about today is in the perfect position to profit from the explosive growth we're about see in the NFC industry.

NFC handset chart

In fact, he says this company is uncannily similar to an early Intel. And it's not hard to see why...

You see, when PCs first started hitting the market, only a handful of highly specialized companies (like Intel) had the state-of-the-art skills, immense technical know-how, and exclusive patents necessary to build the complex components these machines ran on — which is why its stock skyrocketed right along with demand for PCs.

PC Sales and Intel Share Price chart

As you might imagine, it's the exact same story with the amazing new technology that's rapidly replacing everything from keys to credit cards...

And when it comes to manufacturing the crucial, behind-the-scenes components that allow NFC to function in the first place, this company stands head and shoulders above all the rest.

In fact, not only is it the clear leader in this explosive new industry (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Ericsson, Nintendo, HP, Cisco, and even Apple are already all top clients, and analysts have conservatively estimated it could control as much as 70% of the market)...

But it actually helped to invent this world-changing technology — making it far and away the most trusted and highly regarded company in its field (which is why  its CEO was recently able to describe his company’s dominant position as "Intel-like"....)

In other words, this company is what David Gardner calls both a "top dog" and a "first mover." Now, that might not seem that significant to you at first, but here's something you should consider...

These two traits have marked some of the most lucrative investments of the past half-century...

... including Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, and yes, even Intel. Allow me to explain...

According to David Gardner, a "top dog" is a company that absolutely dominates its industry... and a "first mover" is a company with a technology, product, or business model so revolutionary that it disrupts — or even destroys — an existing industry and creates an entirely new one.

Needless to say, there are dozens of "top dogs" and "first movers" out there... but on the rare occasion that you're able find a company that is both a top dog and a first mover, the chances are pretty good that you've found your next big winner...

For proof, just think of eBay in the online auction market... Amazon in the online retail market... or Priceline in the online travel market (David Gardner has actually led folks like you and me to big gains on all three).

These companies redefined the way business was done... launched entirely new industries... and continue to dominate those industries to this day. And you don't need me to tell you how handsomely they rewarded shareholders along the way.

So, I'm sure you can understand why the fact that this revolutionary little company is both a "top dog" and "first mover" has David Gardner so excited.

And once you have a look at how well a few of the other "top dogs" and "first movers" he's uncovered over the past couple of years are performing, I imagine you'll start to get a little bit excited, too...

  • Baidu: Up 1,526% and counting
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: Up 574% and counting
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Up 617% and counting
  • Up 613% and counting
  • MercadoLibre: Up 722% and counting
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Up 866% and counting
  • Catamaran: Up 933% and counting

But, truth be told, this opportunity could actually be much bigger than any of those. In fact, it's so big that we have to step all the way back to a frigid February evening in 1949 to put everything into perspective...

On that fateful night, Frank McNamara made a mistake that would forever change the world...

As the story goes, McNamara — a prominent New York City businessman — had just finished dinner with his lawyer and the heir to the Bloomingdale's department store fortune when he discovered something that horrified him...

In his haste to get out of the house that morning, he'd forgotten to put his wallet into his back pocket, leaving him no way to pay for the lavish meal he had just treated his associates to.

Eventually, McNamara was forced to call his wife and have her bring him enough cash to cover the bill. And he was so thoroughly humiliated by the ordeal that he became obsessed with developing a way to never have to worry about carrying cash ever again...

At the time, a handful of stores were issuing "charge cards" that allowed their customers to run up a tab and then pay for everything later. But McNamara was determined to take this concept even further...

By developing a single, multi-purpose "credit card" that not only could be used in place of cash, but would be also be accepted at a variety of different businesses all over the city.

Sure enough, one year later McNamara returned to the exact same restaurant with the exact same friends — and, yet again, no cash whatsoever.

Only this time, rather than having to get his wife to bring him money, he simply paid for the meal with a small piece of cardboard that later became known as a "Diner's Club" card.

Initially, McNamara issued about 200 of these cards to friends and business associates — and, at first, they were accepted at just 14 locations.

Of course, nospan of any consequence really gave this little "experiment" a second thought...

Because, as McNamara's doubters loved to point out, there were literally hundreds of things that could potentially go wrong with such a payment system (not surprisingly, NFC is facing all the same doubts right now)...

But, as news of this new, simpler way to pay for everything from clothes to groceries spread, more and more people began wanting to get their hands on the credit card McNamara had created. And before long, things really began to snowball...

Because once more and more people started using them, more and more businesses were forced to start accepting them — or risk losing customers to competitors who did.

And once more businesses began accepting them, even more people wanted to start using them. And so on... and so on...

Credit Card

Just 5 years after making their debut, people everywhere from London to Lebanon were rushing to get their hands on credit cards like this one. And now, with the arrival of NFC, history is about to repeat itself.

Granted, we've seen this very same "snowball" effect happen with PCs... cell phones... the Internet... e-commerce... cloud computing.... social media... smartphones... and now we're starting to see it happen with NFC...

But in order to get an idea of just how quickly this revolutionary technology could take off, we need to look back at the blistering pace at which credit cards initially caught on...

Amazingly, just one year after McNamara paid for dinner with his Diner's Club card, over 42,000 people were using them regularly in major cities all over the country.

Two years after that, they were being accepted in places as far away as Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and the U.K.... and by 1955, they had taken hold in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

By 1959, over 1 million people carried the card McNamara had invented — meaning its usage had grown 5,000-fold in less than a decade... and by 1967, it was accepted in over 130 countries around the globe.

Today, over 10,000 credit card transactions take place every single second and the total value of goods and services purchased with credit, debit, and prepaid cards now totals more than $21.6 TRILLION per year.

Now, to be fair, there's no telling if NFC will end up taking off quite that fast... and between you and me, it'll probably never replace credit cards altogether. But here's one thing you can bet on...

These three little letters could change everything — and hand early investors countless millions...

You don't have to take my word for it though...

Just ask Barry McCarthy. He's President of Mobile Commerce at First Data — not to mention one of the foremost authorities on how people pay for things — and he says that this is rapidly becoming "the way to pay, ultimately eliminating your dependence upon credit and debit cards, checks — and even cash."

Meanwhile, a recent article in Forbes says that mobile payments are about to experience "unprecedented growth" and another article from notes that the arrival of this technology has started a "gold rush on the next e-commerce frontier." And just have a look at what some other industry insiders are saying...

Ripped from the Headlines!

Granted, the whole concept of NFC may be completely new to you, but if you think about it this is a development that's actually long overdue...

After all, for nearly a decade, we've increasingly been using smartphones (and more recently, tablet computers) to do just about everything — including check the weather... monitor stock quotes... get directions... log on to Facebook... send e-mails... listen to music... surf the Web... play games... and even watch movies.

So it only makes sense that we would eventually start using them to pay for things, too — and thanks to the emergence of NFC you can now do just that.

In fact, soon your smartphone could end up replacing your wallet altogether. That's because this technology allows two NFC-enabled devices placed within a few inches of each other to wirelessly swap data...

Meaning you'll be able to simply touch your NFC smartphone to an NFC reader anytime you need to pay for a sandwich... buy a new set of golf clubs... or even get a can of Coke out of a vending machine.

But make no mistake, NFC isn't just going to change the way we pay for things. It's actually going to completely change our day-to-day lives by eliminating the need to carry...

  • Car, house, and office keys (No more lugging heavy rings of keys everywhere you go. Simply tap your NFC phone to an NFC lock and you're in.)
  • Plane, train, and bus tickets (No more fumbling for change when you want to board a bus, or searching for your boarding pass before your flight or train. Simply touch your smart device to an NFC sensor and go.)
  • Passports, driver's licenses, and other forms of ID (No more digging through your billfold to find your ID or corporate rewards cards. Just place your smartphone up to the NFC reader and all of your info will transfer automatically.)
  • Business cards (Simply tap your phone against a colleague's phone to swap business cards, contact lists, and even resumes.)
  • Tickets to movies, concerts, and sporting events (Download tickets directly to your tablet and then simply touch it to the reader at the door.)

But those are just a few of the hundreds of things we could soon be using our NFC-enabled smart devices for. Which is why it's so important that you get invested in the little-known company behind this unstoppable technology as soon as possible.

Still a bit skeptical? Of course you are! And that's exactly the point...

Think about it...

Credit Card

Few people understood how profoundly an electrical box with a monitor and a keyboard would change our lives — but those who did made a fortune.

Up until the moment it revolutionized the way we do everything from shop for clothes to keep in touch with loved ones, even some of the brightest minds in the business failed to understand what an integral part of our day-to-day lives the PC would become.

In fact, early on, Thomas Watson, the former chairman of IBM, famously stated that there would never be a market for more than five of them at any one time...

Some years later, a senior engineer at the Advanced Computing Division of IBM scoffed at a prototype of one and asked "What's it good for?"

Ken Hudson — president, chairman, and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. — declared that no one would ever want one in their home...

And, at one point, even Gordon Moore — co-founder and longtime chairman of Intel — told his engineers he didn't see any practical use for one, except maybe that "a housewife could store her recipes on it."

Of course, it was a similar story with the Internet... e-commerce... cell phones... cloud computing... social media... and more recently with smartphone "apps".

In each case, there were hundreds of "experts" and more than a few "geniuses" right there to remind us of the 1,001 reasons "this trend" would never really take off...

But then there were also the handful of visionaries — like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs — who not only foresaw what a monumental effect these innovations would have on the world... but who also understood exactly how they could make a fortune off them.

Which is why I'd like to give you the opportunity to get the full story on the incredible company I've been telling you about today directly from another of these visionaries...

One whose uncanny ability to consistently spot "the next big thing" has helped a tight-knit group of dedicated, forward-thinking investors like you make truly extraordinary profits on some of the most widely doubted — yet remarkably lucrative — "trends" we've seen in our lifetime. Things like...

  • Robotic surgery: Most folks — and even many doctors — argued that patients would never consent to having a "robot" perform surgery on them, yet today you can find da Vinci Surgical Systems in almost every hospital in the country. And investors who followed this visionary's advice and bought Intuitive Surgical back in 2005 are up 775%.
  • Online Television: Everyspan loves TV. That's why nospan wanted to believe that a single company could create a viable replacement to the boob tube on the Internetexcept for David Gardner, whose "buy" call on Netflix back in 2004 has led investors to shocking 2,254% gains!

Of course, I'm sure you know I'm talking about Motley Fool Co-founder David Gardner, but here's something you probably don't know...

David Gardner and his team of cutting-edge equity analysts just put the finishing touches on a brand-new premium research report that runs down all of the reasons he believes investors should get invested in the company he compares to an early Intel.

Credit Card

It's called, "The Intel of NFC: One 'Ground Floor' Stock Every Opportunistic Investor Should Snap Up Today" and it will give you everything you need to make an informed investment decision, including this company's name, ticker symbol, and easy-to-understand analysis of its financial situation, management, potential upside, and possible risks.

And I'd like you to accept a free copy of this valuable report as a "thank you" for taking the time to hear me out today. That way you can position yourself ahead of the masses that will inevitably begin flowing into this stock once Wall Street wakes up to this opportunity.

I'll explain how you can take me up on this valuable offer in just a moment, but first...

Please allow me a proper introduction

My name is Mark Brooks, and I publish an award-winning financial newsletter that carries the same name as the community of investors I mentioned a moment ago...

It's called Motley Fool Rule Breakers, and as you might have guessed, it's headed up by the incredible investor I've been telling you about today.

David Gardner

Motley Fool co-founder, David Gardner.

You may have seen David Gardner on CNBC discussing his favorite growth stocks with some of the nation's other top-tier equity analysts...

Or perhaps you've read one of his many bestselling investment books...

Or maybe you're just familiar with some of the "top dogs" and "first movers" he's led our Rule Breakers members to recently...

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: Up 574% and counting
  • IPG Photonics: Up 287% and counting
  • MercadoLibre: Up 722% and counting
  • Up 613% and counting
  • Catamaran: Up 933% and counting
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Up 617% and counting

Or maybe you even saw the recent Wall Street Journal article that revealed Rule Breakers to be the top-performing growth investment newsletter in the country!

And confirmed that Rule Breakers has returned an average of 16% per year over the past five years — a return more than double that of the broader market.

Regardless, it's not hard to see why says David Gardner is "among the most widely followed stock-pickers in the world."

And I'm sure you can understand why any time David Gardner and the Rule Breakers team get excited about an investment opportunity, I immediately stand up and take notice...

Well, right now they're extremely excited about the future of NFC — and especially about the fortune-building potential of the company I've been telling you about today. And here's why you should be excited, right now, too...

Thanks to recent market conditions, you can get in on the "ground floor" at a major discount...

That's especially good news when you consider that, after jumping out of the gate as a public company just over three years ago, this stock shot up as much as 275%. Given the way things have been going for NFC, I guess that's really no surprise...

After all, according to Juniper Research, over 458 million people used NFC smart devices to pay for travel tickets on metros, buses, and subways last year — and they conservatively estimate that number will jump to nearly 1 billion by 2018.

Meanwhile, a recent deal between two of Britain's most respected and well-known companies — Orange and Barclaycard — will bring NFC readers to some 50,000 retail outlets in the U.K., including fast-food chains like Subway and McDonald's.

And over in Japan, a full 1 out of every 2 laptops is already equipped with NFC technology!

But, I should pause here a moment to point out that just because this company is recently public and is the leading behind-the-scenes provider of a relatively new technology, doesn't mean it's a new company.

In fact, this company actually operated as a division within one of the most best-known electronic companies in the world for over 50 years before being taken over by one of the world's top private equity firms and then spun out as a stand-alone company...

Today it holds nearly 14,000 patents, employs some 28,000 people, and has operations in more than 25 countries — yet because it's not headquartered in the United States it's still virtually unheard of.

And thanks to Apple’s "holier-than-thou" refusal to incorporate NFC into its products – which we’ve already seen should be coming to a tidy end — this stock has been beaten down right along with plenty of other top-notch growth stocks out there...

Meaning you've got a rare opportunity to snap up Hope Diamond potential at cubic zirconium prices. But, of course, it would be a real mistake to invest based solely on what I've been able to tell you here...

And, as an open-minded investor who is dedicated to building your wealth, you deserve to get the full story — so you can decide for yourself whether or not you'll be front and center when the big money starts rolling in.

Which is why, as I mentioned earlier, I'd like you to accept a copy of David Gardner's new special report "The Intel of NFC: One 'Ground Floor' Stock Every Opportunistic Investor Should Snap Up Today."

And again, I'd like you to accept this report with my compliments.

All I ask in return is that you accept one more thing with my compliments...

What investors like you are saying about Rule Breakers...

"Best money I spend"
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Start Now

It's a personal invitation to sample everything Motley Fool Rule Breakers has to offer for a full 30 days — without any risk or obligation whatsoever...

Why accept that?

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Stocks 2013

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Official newsletter returns as of August 31, 2013. All other numbers as of September 9, 2013. Mark Brooks owns shares of The Motley Fool owns shares of, Apple, Baidu, Catamaran, Chipotle Mexican Grill, eBay, Facebook, Google, Intel, International Business Machines, Intuitive Surgical, MasterCard, MercadoLibre, Microsoft,, and Visa.

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