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Tonight, 11:59 (PM, ET)...

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Date: 06/18/2013 11:43:AM

Millionaire-making Jackpot Winner Search! Play now - win tonight!
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IMMINENT Jackpot Drawing - Play before 11:59 (PM, ET) Tonight!
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There's still time to win a MILLION-DOLLAR Jackpot TONIGHT, but you must act fast! Let me explain:

Officials have been authorized to conduct a nightly Jackpot drawing on PCHlotto .com. Please be advised, in accordance with the Official Rules, the Jackpot amount increases in value with every game play up to $3,OOO,OOO.OO.

John, I urge you to PICK YOUR NUMBERS NOW before tonight's drawing! Then, John, in just hours your life would be changed forever, should the Jackpot numbers you select match tonight's winning numbers drawn.

Plus, John, $5,OOO.OO in Instant Cash and prizes is available this month through 6/30! Play all your cards to receive your instant-cash scratch card. Play now!

Rose Winley
Rose Winley
PCHlotto Prize Suite

Publishers Clearing House and its properties have awarded over $244 Million since 1967. Will John Smith become our next MAJOR PRIZE winner? Play now!

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