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Shocking photo reveals Apple's secret master plan - and how YOU could profit today

From: "The Motley Fool"
Date: 02/12/2014 12:00:AM

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Dear technology investor,

Please take my $$$ before Wall Street does. Let me show you how.

—Tim Cook, Apple CEO

The usual suspects are yapping that Apple is finished. (Again.)

Just like they did before the iPod was released in 2001. Before the iPhone came out in 2007. And before the iPad debuted in 2010.

But Apple has another ace up their sleeve for 2014. And a credible source at The Wall Street Journal says it'll make their current technology "seem as cutting edge as the horse and buggy."

I'm holding a prototype right now... it's the same one that CEO Tim Cook just accidentally revealed (again) during an interview on ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer.

Read on and I'll show you the photos that prove it.

And the 1 under-the-radar investing play that maximizes your opportunity today!

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To your wealth,

Jesse Keyser

Jesse Keyser
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
The Motley Fool

P.S. The world's top-rated growth investor has a unique angle on this breaking scandal in the technology world. (It’s the same strategy he's used to beat Wall Street to the punch over and over again for the last 20 years. Like when he made more than 100 times his money on He says the best way to take Tim Cook's money ISN'T investing in Apple stock at more than $500 per share. Instead, he's pointing to a small company that very few investors outside of Silicon Valley have even heard of... and it's still trading for less than $35 a share. Why? Because the guys who work in this laboratory have outsmarted Tim Cook. And there are 485 million reasons to think that he's knocking on their door right now. Click here to get the scoop before these rumors become front page news!

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