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JS: An Official Initials Notice

From: ""
Date: 06/11/2013 08:55:AM

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3X Entries Triple Entries
John Smith
Someone with your set of initials
Must be declared a winner
Prize Eligibility: $1OO.OO - PCH GWY 2231--Search to receive three entries
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Dear John Smith,

It's Been Declared By PCH Officials that someone with the initials JS will end up becoming a cash winner!

John, your initials are JS, so it could be you! Search at PCHSearch&Win today and you'll get not one, not two, but THREE Entries for this fantastic opportunity.

Plus, search now and you could even win $1,OOO,OOO.OO Cash, plus $5,OOO.OO Every Week For Life in our June 30th "Special Early Look" Event! Yes, if you become the winner of this amazing Mega Prize from PCH Giveaway No. 1830, the Prize Patrol would hand you $1,OOO,OOO.OO on the spot and you'd enjoy weekly prize checks of $5,OOO.OO — wow!

John, did you ever think that your set of initials could win you cold, hard cash? Well, they could! Hurry and claim your Triple Entries right now!

Good luck,
Todd Sloane
Todd Sloane, Senior Vice President
Publishers Clearing House


$1OO.OO Ikea Cards Must Be AwardedP.S. And there's more! Search now and you could win a $1OO.OO Ikea Card. Hurry, FIVE must be awarded before 11:59 PM, ET!

It's Corn On The Cob Day! PCHSearch&Win can help you find some delicious new ways to prepare this summer favorite!

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$67,6OO.OO in Prizes Up for Grabs
Publishers Clearing House guarantees to announce a winner of $1OO.OO with the same initials as your first and last name. In Giveaway No. 2231, prizes of $1OO.OO will be awarded via random drawing from among eligible entrants with initials that match each of the 676 unique combinations of two letters in the alphabet. Prizes for unique initial combinations without a winner will be awarded at random from among all eligible entrants at Giveaway end.

Giveaway No. 1830: Publishers Clearing House will be taking a Special Early Look for a Mega Prize winner from Giveaway No. 1830. All June 30th Special Early Look online Bulletins/Promotions during the timeframe of 4/22/13 through 6/24/13 will be assigned valid Mega Prize Numbers fully eligible to win $1,OOO,OOO.OO Cash plus $5,OOO.OO A-Week-For-Life in our drawing on June 30, 2013. These Mega Prize Numbers will also be fully eligible to win a guaranteed $1,OOO,OOO.OO SuperPrize on June 30, 2013 in a Second Chance Drawing if the matching winning number for this Special Early Look Mega Prize is not returned or is ineligible. Your entry will be dated immediately upon receipt. All you need to do to participate in the winner selection process is to enter by the deadline.

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