What is the Open Inbox Experiment?

The Open Inbox Experiment is basically a public or communal inbox. An email address that anyone can use, sign up for anything including newsletters, email lists and pretty much anything you can imagine. The only thing we ask, is that if you're going to sign up for something that may contain copywrited material, you should ask the owner of the copywrited material first. We aren't responsible for any copywrited infringement on this site.

How do you sign up?

I love the answer to this question. The answer is you don't. In order to access the inbox, all you have to do is click on the inbox button at the top of this page or click here.

How do get an email removed?

Deleting email is not something we've opened up to the public for obvious reasons. In order to request an email to be deleted, just fill out our contact us form and make sure to provide the url of the email your looking to remove.

Can you send email?

Yes, this is one of our favorite features. All we ask is that you don't abuse it. :)

Can I sign up for accounts other places using this email?

You can sign up anywhere you want however, please don't sign up to an account that you wouldn't mind being stolen from you. If you sign up somewhere using the Open Inbox Email account, typically a Sign Up notification email is sent. When this is sent, anyone in the Open Inbox Experiment inbox can see that someone just registered somewhere and can then do a password request/reset. This can possibly result in your password being stolen, so the only thing we ask is that you use caution and common sense when signing up anywhere.

What's the email?

The email address is openinboxexperiment@gmail.com.

Can I send an advertisement for my site to this email?

We don't encourage people to spam our inbox with advertisements however, we don't discourage it either.

Do you allow pornographic material in your emails?

No. Any type of pornographic material is immediately removed from the site.

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