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Cash in On the Secret Sigma Strategy

From: The Sovereign Investor
Date: 08/08/2013 12:00:AM

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The Sovereign Investor

Is the Sigma Strategy Right for You?
For the past 168 years, only scientists have used Sigma. But now a financial analyst in Louisiana has figured out how to use it to pick stocks. And the results have been incredible. He recently started sharing his secret with a small group of people, allowing some of them to pocket gains of $19,400, $7,972, and $15,412. Now he’s sharing all the details of this secret on camera for the first time ever. Click here to view it.

Cash in on the
Secret Sigma Strategy

By Jeff D. Opdyke, Editor of Profit Seeker

Dear Sovereign Investor,

As a former financial reporter for The Wall Street Journal, I had access to tons of financial information.

Every day after The Journal closed, I used to spend hours combing through that data looking to learn as much as I could about the companies and markets I covered.

I did this for over a decade, and from that work I came to discover a powerful force in the financial markets that came to shape my investment philosophy.

This discovery is based on a natural phenomenon that dictates the growth pattern of many things in life, and it helped me identify a class of stocks primed for outsized gains …


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I call them Sigma stocks.

Sigma consists of three different phases of growth.

It starts with a modest and shallow growth. After a certain point, growth accelerates rapidly. Then growth starts to decline and the cycle reaches a mature stage, where there is little to no growth.

In short, the pattern is this sequence of three different speeds of growth: slow-fast-slow.

Growth in earnings and sales also follow that same predictable pattern.

At the beginning growth is slow, then it accelerates until it reaches a plateau.

The sales of products, for example, will eventually slow down and reach a plateau after potential buyers have bought what they wanted.

The key to making money in the financial markets with Sigma is to find companies that are just beginning to experi¬ence rapid growth. That’s where you will find the greatest potential for profits. And that is precisely where I look.

Profiting From Wall Street’s Blind Spot

Sigma stocks have great potential for gains because they have a huge tail wind that is propelling them higher: the rise of a new middle class.

The U.S. National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report calls the rise of this new middle-class tail wind “a tectonic shift.” It’s a $30 trillion force that’s creating wealthy investors at a frenzied pace.

There’s a giant, new middle class that’s demanding access to clean water, clothing, TVs, health care, housing, food ... you name it. This exploding middle class outside America wants a lot of stuff, and they increasingly have the money to buy it.

And it’s this force that’s largely creating lots of Sigma opportunities across the globe.

Take a look at the graph below from a Brookings Institute report, The New Global Middle Class.

See larger image

Look at how the middle-class population begins to ramp up right around 2010, and continues higher as the fastest-growing segment of the world’s population through 2030. This gives us at least two decades of investment opportunity as the underprivileged pull themselves into their versions of the good life.

We’re talking about rising incomes and increasing discretionary dollars. We’re talking consumers spending not just on food to survive today but on cell phones and wine and nicer clothes and motorbikes and vacations.

No matter where you go, people are doing the exact same things we do in America — buying furniture, shopping for groceries, planning a vacation and sending kids to school. The only difference is that they’re relying on local companies to supply the goods and services.

Yet investing in the emerging middle class is not defined singularly by consumer stocks. Increasing income ultimately touches everything from roadways, airports and bridges, to water and utilities demands, and to agricultural needs.

It’s a blind spot Wall Street willfully ignores.

Most people have been trained to do nothing but buy blue-chip U.S. stocks. But that’s not how you make real money these days. The Dow Jones Index, which is composed of blue-chip U.S. stocks, is up only 41% in the last 13 years. That’s a little more than 3% a year.

The truth is most of these Sigma stocks are hiding within the global markets. You just have to know where to look.

Owning the Next Johnson & Johnson

You can’t expect to come across those Sigma opportunities simply by doing research behind a desk. Crunching numbers and reading financial reports only goes so far.

That’s why I follow the concept of “local knowledge,” a principle created by Peter Lynch, one of the best investors of all time. His fund averaged an annual return of 29% from 1977 to 1990, making him a legend in the industry. He used to say that you can find the best investments "right from your neighborhood shopping mall, and long before Wall Street discovers them."

What he meant is that you can find great stocks simply by observing what customers are buying. In his book One Up On Wall Street, he tells many stories of how he found his best investment ideas when he was out of the office, hanging out with his family, driving around or making a purchase at the mall.

And that’s what I do … but on a global scale.

Each year, I fly more than 100,000 miles to investigate those companies first-hand. I visit government officials, CEOs, front-line employees and even chat up local consumers to find out what they’re buying.

You won’t hear about these explosive Sigma opportunities from mainstream financial sources.

One time I traveled to Beijing to meet with executives of a company that makes traditional Chinese medicines. This company has been around forever. It was the pharmacy of the Chinese emperors back in the 1600s.

I got some good insights from the executives, but I also remember asking a cabdriver, my translator and the receptionist at the hotel, what medicine they would take if they had a headache. They all had the same answer: “Tong Ren Tang.”

After that, I knew the company Tong Ren Tang had a huge potential.

Well, I told my subrs about this company and they had the chance to make 173%. During that same period, Johnson and Johnson, a blue-chip pharmaceutical, went up only 24%.

Mainstream companies such as Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T, Pfizer, GE and Ford have all fallen in share price over the last 13 years, and some of them have fallen by more than 40% because they’re in the last stage of Sigma.

But I found a way that lets you invest directly in booming local stock markets around the globe, in markets where it’s much easier to find Sigma stocks. You can buy these stocks right from your home through the Internet with a single account.

These are stable, billion-dollar companies that are consistently trouncing the S&P 500 ... simply because they’re Sigma stocks.

Until next time, stay Sovereign …

Jeff D. Opdyke

P.S. With American prosperity in decline, I’m passionate about taking my subrs into countries where economies are healthy and prosperity is on the rise. To protect yourself from the coming decline of the U.S. dollar and to cash in on the next great investment boom of our time, click here.


Jeff D. Opdyke

today's editorFor his Profit Seeker subrs, Jeff is always looking for companies in position to benefit from the rise of a growing global middle class.
Click here to learn more


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