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7 Deadly Drugs the Government Wants You to Swallow

From: Townhall Finance
Date: 08/01/2013 12:00:AM

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Dear Reader,

THIS JUST IN: An insider near Washington D.C. has just blown the lid off the 7 Deadly Drugs the U.S. Government can't wait for you to swallow.

I wish I could say this was just a conspiracy theory, but this whistleblower has concrete evidence "the powers that be" are shoving pure poison down your throat... and laughing all the way to the bank, while you're carted off to the graveyard.

Who knows how long this list will be up before "Big Brother" catches on... so don't wait a moment longer. Click here now for the full list.

To knowing the truth,

Paul Amos
Associate Director, HSI

P.S. You won't believe what innocent little pill rounds out the list at #1. If you're taking it regularly, you're 530% more likely to die TONIGHT. Make sure its not in your medicine cabinet. Click here for the full list.

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