An email account that's open to the public

There's no need to sign up. The Open Inbox Experiment is a website that allows anyone to check our public email account.

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Sending Email

Not only can you check this communal email inbox, but you can also now send email with it as well. Believe it or not, we don't have any restrictions on what email addresses you can send from.

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Receiving Email

Have you ever wanted to subscribe to an email list but didn't want too many spam emails? The Open Inbox Experiment allows you to sign up for marketing emails without having to worry about who might sell your email to spam lists later on. The only thing that we ask, is that if you're signing up for anything that could be copywrited, you should ask permission to sign up first.

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No Signing Up

We know how much you absolutely hate signing up for stuff. That's why we've decided to cut you a break and not make you sign up. The Open Inbox Experiment is a communal email inbox that's shared to the public. There's no need to sign up mostly because, we know how much you hate signing up for stuff. Am I right?

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Our privacy is important to us, so we know it's probably important to you. Because of this, we make sure that all actions done on this website are completely anonymous. Your privacy is our goal and as part of that goal, you can use our services without signing up, registering or giving up any other type of personal information.

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